Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 26, 2008

Broadcast on 26-May-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

mitchell akiyama, chris schlarb, dbr...
equanim, lights out asia, the field...
last days, tomas jirku, fidgital...
subtractive lad, lal, spool...
hologram, arclab, cloudland canyon...
& etc

Track Listing:

the uses of fiction
various (mitchell akiyama) · music works 100
chris schlarb · twilight and ghost stories
equanim · instrumental language
the need to follow
dbr/ryuichi sakamoto · etudes for violins & electronix
thinking sarah, susan
piekoz · narrativestructurez
oh! toronto
lights out asia · tanks and recognizers
a paw in my face
the field · from here we go sublime
devil's wood/saved by a helicopter
last days · these places are now ruins
to sleep at sunrise
various (tomas jirku) · manoeuvres 2
mile's trick
fidgital · departure
etched headplate
burial · untrue
decay as lifetstyle
subtractive lad · apparatus
son lux · at war with walls and mazes
spool · s.t.
how the world began
lal · deportation
i wish i could tell you
arclab · the goodbye radio
trentemoller · the trentemoller chronicles
hologram · s.t.
you and i
cloudland canyon · lie in light
my quadrant
subtractive lad · giving up the ghost
We Carry On
Portishead · Third
food cycles
dosh · wolves and wishes
seem awake
kerosene day dream · oscillate
the secret lives of a.c. wuornos
arclab · the goodbye radio
Little Bird
Goldfrapp · Seventh Tree
pacific uv · longplay 2
clls II