Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 5, 2008

Broadcast on 05-May-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

seefeel, lamb, microbunny...
cindytalk, ufo, portishead...
terezene, dosh, elsiane...
piekoz, equanim, spool...
el perro del mar, goldfrapp, ensemble...etc

Track Listing:

filter dub
seefeel · quique
trans fatty acid
lamb · s.t.
microbunny · dead stars
the first time i ever...
cindytalk · wappinshaw
moving shadows
u.f.o. · planet plan
theme to kill a dead man
portishead · s.t.
city to the sea
mighty truth · city to the sea
sponge city - level 12
sparrow orange · the beauty of strangers
various (tetrezene) · beautiful noise - the apocalypse
nylon smile / the rip
portishead · third
winds of change
keravel · next
drone 420
various (alektronik) · manoeuvres 2
first impossible
dosh · wolves and wishes
how you like it
various (christer) · manoeuvres 2
mend - to fix/repair
elsiane · hybrid
we cary on
portishead · third
scratch bass
lamb · what sound
kerosene day dream · oscillate
don't fall away
piekoz · narrativestructurez
planned chaos
equanim · instrumental language
remain calm
spool · saves the world
something told us
pacific uv · longplay 2
cologne cerrone houdini
goldfrapp · seventh tree
all we leave behind
ensemble · s.t.
inner island
el perro del mar · the valley to the stars
burial · s.t.
full intent
fascade @ 137 db · character of the moment
secret agent gel · no floor