Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 14, 2008

Broadcast on 14-Apr-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

mitchell akiyama, brian eno, son lux...
pan sonic, jhno, m83,
tuxedomoon, pikoz, spool...
equanim, fuck buttons, jef stott...
bill laswell, goldfrapp, el perro del marr...

Track Listing:

the uses of fiction
various (mitchell akiyama) · music works 100
unfamiliar wind (leek hills)
brian eno · ambient 4: on land
son lux · at war with walls and mazes
hinaaja (tugboat)
pansonic · katodivaihe
the norwegian sea
last days · sea
raise and illuminate
jhno · membrane
midnight souls still remain
m83 · saturdays = youth
Uton & Valerio Cosi · Kaarmeenkaantopiiri
always here
kerosene daydream · oscillate
dark temple
tuxedomoon · vapourt rails
flanched farney garney
original recipe · noistette
i fell 6 miles from earth
piekoz · narrative structurez
spool · spool saves the world
various (alektronic) · manoeuvres 2
rise, fall, build, return
equanim · instrumental language
sweet love for planet earth
fuck buttons · street horrsing
jihad remiz
raz mesinai's badawi · unit of resistance
sono one drop
various ( jef stott) · rudy maxa's world of hi-def travel
cheiuh iman
lenine rock · sinequnon
night bus / southern comfort
burial · s.t.
tres demented
carl craig · sessions
broken toenail gland
bill laswell · points of order
cologne cerrone houdini
goldfrapp · seventh tree
i can't talk about it
el perro del mar · s.t.