Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 7, 2008

Broadcast on 07-Apr-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

brian eno, philip glass, tosca...
rzewski, dbr, soso...
c. schulz, dead texan, wim mertens...
gotan project, carl craig...
pete samples, loscil, equanim...

Track Listing:

brian eno · ambient 1: music for airports
etude 2
philip glass · etudes for piano: vol 1 - 1-10
tosca · dehli9
four pieces: part 4
frederic rzewski / emanuele arciuli · rzewski/adams
the need to follow
dbr / r sakamoto · etudes for violin & electronix
floor boards and...
soso · tinfoil on windows
ufer 1 & 2
c. schulz · 4. film ton
first light
brian eno/harold budd · ambient 2: the plateaux of mirror
when i see scissors...
the dead texan · s.t.
north american ballads: dreadful memories
frederic rzewski · collected piano works
metamorphosis 3
philip glass · solo piano
struggle for pleasure
wim mertens · the belly of an architect
gotan project · lunatico
pacific uv · longplay 2
hills of stone
radar bros · auditorium
motion sensor
ghost house · the good
carl craig/francesco tristano · sessions
desolation theme/when you wish upon a star
various (k nordine/r starr/h alpert) · stay awake
standing on the shoulders of giants
pete samples · yours makes mine
Loscil · First Narrows
the other me
equanim · instrumental language
safety in numbers
subtractive lad · suture
to sleep at sunrise
various (tomas jirku) · manoeuvers 2
a & e
goldfrapp · seventh tree
kiln · dusker
clls i