Breakfast With The Browns Episode March 3, 2008

Broadcast on 03-Mar-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

silver mt zion, jomf, cindytalk...
hrsta, charalambides, labradford...
f rzewski, camper van beethoven, vitaminsforyou...
delerium, nearly god, burial...
kirk lake, buck 65, dominik eulberg...

Track Listing:

thee silver mount zion... · 13 blues for 13 moons
beautiful september
jomf · fig 5
return to pain
cindytalk · wappenschaw
my sun
cindytalk · in this world
hrsta · ghosts will come and kiss our eyes
double suicide
sandro perri · tiny mirrors
the good life
charalambides · likeness
labradford · prazision lp
group 180/frederic rzewski · reich/rzewski/szabo
she divines water
camper van beethoven · our revolutionary sweetheart
luxury & hope
various (vitaminsforyou) · saturday morning empires
twilight ritual
delerium · syrophenikan
nearly god · heaven
burial · burial
grand theft audio · realms 1.0
seefeel · quique
long arms
to kill a petty bourgeoisie · the patron
etched headplate
burial · untrue
bomb culture
kirk lake · so, you got anything else
dbr/dj spooky · etudes 4 violin & electronix
mr nobody
buck 65 · situation
loewenzahn luftwaffe
dominik eulberg · bionik
un commencement de rage
jerome miniere · la nuit
all tomorrow's parties
velvet underground/nico · n.a.