Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 4, 2008

Broadcast on 04-Feb-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

aphex twin, ltj bukem, lobby...
chris joss, shriekback, sam shalabi...
ed swanks, drift, nalepa...
adham shaikh w. kinnie starr, gel sol...
verbrilli sound, vivienne goldman, leaf system...

Track Listing:

aphex twin · selected ambient works 85-92
aphex twin · selected ambient works 85-92
time to find me
aphex twin (seefeel) · 26 mixes for cash
sinking of the titanic
aphex twin (gavin bryars) · 26 mixes for cash
suspended space
ltj bukem · journey inwards
tj and rio
various (lobby) · button down beats
i'm all vectors
arc.lab · no.spectre
count the daisies
chris joss · teraphonic overdubs
my spine is the bassline
various (shriekback) · disco-not disco
i knew you were gonna go
prefuse 73 · preparations
sam shalabi · eid
slumming with montalban
various (ed swankz) · deepdown tempos 01
various (solea amphibia) · interior horizons
various (drift) · interior horizons
various (nalepa) · devil in the detail
somptin happening
adham shaikh/kinnie starr · essence
coffee to go
various (club des belugas) · northern faction 3
cool sweet awesome
gel-sol · unifactor
various (ursula1000/skeewiff) · undressed: ursula 1000 remixed
atomic tape
chris joss · teraphonic overdub
the dream genie
verbrilli sound · leisure war
various (vivien goldman) · disco, not disco
dinkle dub
dubblestandart · streets of dub
rocket dub
various (leaf system) · link pins