Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 28, 2008

Broadcast on 28-Jan-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

can, orb, adham shaikh...
pan sonic, kinnie starr, chicago afrobeat...
black star liner, bonobo, elsiane...
stereo total, verbrilli sound, freeworm...
and etc

Track Listing:

future days
can · anthology
into the 4th dimension
the orb · adventures beyond ultraworld
ab-i tarab
mercan dede · su
adham shaikh · essence
reverse engineering
various (radiate) · devil in the detail
closer to leaving
gavin froome · mobile villager
laptevinmeri - laptiv sea
pan sonic · katodivaihe
kinnie starr · sun again
chicago afrobeat project · (a) move to silent unrest
Youssou N'dour · Rokku Mi Rokka
Adrian Sherwood · Never Trust a Hippy
tiny place called earth
dubblestandart · immigration dub
L'axis de la Conversation
Axis of Conversation · Delusions of Safety
various (black star liner) · interior horizons
underworld · oblivion with bells
elsiane · hybrid
bonobo · animal magic
tasogare highway
dj kentaro · enter
komplex mit dem sex
stereo total · paris berlin
te miro
verbrilli sound · many coloured butterflies
sun again
kinnie starr · sun again
rumbling in the sun
freeworm · vegetation=fuel
katia, tania, paulina y la kim
mexican istitute of sound · pinata
pinkerland becaina
the pinker tones · more colours
jimmy b
various (unklnik) · barefeat presents
the real funicello
various (the william caslon experience) · blue light one
the planet plan
ufo · 3rd perspective