Breakfast With The Browns Episode January 7, 2008

Broadcast on 07-Jan-2008

8:00am - 11:00am

brian eno, jon hassell, michael brook...
kiln, alka, au...
low in the sky, glider, arc lab...
mum, joanna newsom, listen with sarah...
soso, wire, buck 65...
elsiane, legion of green men, adrian sherwood

Track Listing:

deep blue sky
b eno/d lanois · apollo
ba-benzele/rising thermal
b eno/j hassell · fourth world: vol1 possible musics
skip wave/andean
michael brook · cobalt blue
under stars II
b eno/d lanois · apollo
kiln · dusker
Alka · Principles of Suffocation
au · s.t.
long arms
to kill a petty bourgeoisie · the patron
the orchard
hrsta · ghosts will come and....
dead days
arc.lab · no.spectre
saddle up my pony
charalambides · likeness
and snow (while surfacing)
low in the sky · we are counting on you william
la puissance de l'eau
glider · non-spaces
marmalade fires
mum · go go smear the poison ivy
jonna newsom · milk eyed mender
a little song
winston giles orchestra · soundtracks for sunrise
drums and berceuse
listen with sarah · are you sitting comfortably?
you coud be
torngat · you could be
after the fight
glider · sound from water
city of museums
sandro perri · tiny mirrors
Company of Chairs
Soso · Tinfoil on the Windows
23 years too late
wire · read & burn
mr nobody
buck 65 · situation
elsiane · hybrid
for maria, wherever i may find her
legion of green men · floating in shallow water
jab teri dhun...
gaudi/nusrat fateh ali khan · dub qawawali
airbus dub
dubblestandart · streets of dub
hari up hari
adrian sherwood · never trust a hippy