Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 17, 2007

Broadcast on 17-Dec-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

godspeed you black emperor, miles davis, tetreault/kid koala
fond of tigers, underworld, wire...
toledo, kirk lake, recoil...
soso, elsiane, torngat...
mexican institute of sound, the pinker tones...

Track Listing:

the dead flag blues
godspeed you black emperor · f#
filles de kilimanjaro
miles davis · filles de kilimanjaro
m tetreault/kid koala · phon-victo
all blues
miles davis · kind of blue
Let's carve forever together
Fond of Tigers · Release the Saviours
innocent objections
tony wilson sextet · pearl before swine
best mamgu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
desert diving
wire · read & burn
aggravated tda
kirk lake · the black lights
death took a holiday
toledo · fishnets & cigarettes
recoil · sub-human
the baddest man on the planet
kirk lake · the black lights
hit & red
ghislain poirier · no ground under
your mom is in the next room
soso · tinfoil on the windows
processed world
adrian sherwood · never trust a hippy
mend (to fix, to repair)
elsiane · hybrid
dinkel dub
dubblestandart · streets of dub
the beatific
buck 65 · situation
gemini one
torngat · you could be
Escribeme Pronto
Mexican Institute of Sound · Pinata
guilty rocks
mum · go go smear the poison ivy
beyond nostalgia
the pinker tones · more colours
Caribou · Andorra