Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 26, 2007

Broadcast on 26-Nov-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

the orb, adham shaikh, polygon window...
kirk lake, labradford, origami arktika...
polygon window, mum, torngat...
soso, hrsta, buck 65...

Track Listing:

supernova at the end of the universe
the orb · adventures beyond the ultraworld
ethereal ion
adham shaikh · journey to the sun
if it really is me
polygon window · surfing on sinewaves
kiln · dusker
of sand and stars
subtractive lad · no man's land
sliding glass
labradford · prazision lp
various (cheju) · devil in the detail
clay vs tyson
kirk lake · the black lights
origami arktika · trollebotn
mercan dede · sufi traveller
best mamgu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
redruth school
polygon window · surfing on sine waves
city of museums
sandro perri · tiny mirrors
a hum on the pond
low in the sky · we are counting on you william
origami arktika · trollebotn
looking for dylan thomas
kirk lake · the black lights
innocent objections
tony wilson sextet · pearls before swine
these eyes are berries
mum · go go smear the poison ivy
the names of all the trees
soso · tinfoil on the windows
suite c - l'ocean, la nuit
torngat · you could be
both eyes tight shut
kammerflimmer kollektief · jinx
the orchard
hrsta · ghosts will come and kiss our eyes
aborted hugs
prefuse 73 · preparations
the beatific
buck 65 · situation
elsian · hybrid
lala meda
mis · mexican institute of sound
Alka · Principles of Suffocation
your lips are red
st vincent · marry me
my rights vs yours
new pornographers · challengers
clls i