Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 5, 2007

Broadcast on 05-Nov-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

underworld, sonic youth, coil...
spacemen 3, caroline keating, joanna newsome...
torngat, sandro perri, mum...
ghislain poirier, nearly god, elsiane, mere mortals

Track Listing:

best mangu ever
underworld · oblivion with bells
sonic youth · n.a.
dead man's shoes
cabaret voltaire · n.a.
I am not kurt schwitters
jim carroll · n.a.
tortoise/bonnie prince billy · n.a.
neither his nor hers
coil · n.a.
mr nichols
coldcut · n.a.
faded flowers
shriekback · n.a.
dark star
beck · n.a.
walking with jesus
spacemen 3 · the perfect prescription
let's carve forever
fond of tigers
the past
arc.lab · no.spectre
kammerflimmer kollektief · jinx
various (caroline keating) · pop montreal 2007
joanna newsome · milk eyed mender
many places
torngat · you could be
love is real
sandro perri · tiny mirrors
they made frogs smoke...
mum · gogo smear the poison ivy
hrsta · ghosts will come and kiss our eyes
window shopping
to kill a petty bourgeoisie · the patron
hit & red
ghislain poirier · no ground under
ring road
underworld · oblivion with bells
black coffee
nearly god · heaven
final escape
elsiane · s.t.
solar flares
mere mortals · universal code
handmade gift
dj kentaro · enter
what we are
dj egadz · sad music makes me happy
brahimy kite
caribou · the milk of human kindness
death from feelers
mathew dear · sas breed