Breakfast With The Browns Episode September 17, 2007

Broadcast on 17-Sep-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

mike boo, quench , sinewave, fisk industries, link pins, caribou, cinematic orchestra, the dragons (ninja tune), soul jazz orchestra

Track Listing:

laid in..., cantrec
mike boo · dunhill drone committee
how many, how long
all india radio · permanenet evolutions
the invisible dog
electrolane · rock it to the moon
athe invisible dog
mike boo · dunhill drone committee
the long goodbye
all india radio · permanent evolutions
alderberan waltz
b. fleishmann · the humbucking coil
nightshelf/ nenim
quench · punctuated
caipruss/ dapted
quench · caipruss
quench · punctuated
n trance/ seremonial
j. welsch/ d. hess · stunderthom
big mike's requiem
the dragons · bfi
wizard of ahhhs
sinewave · unity gain
star tripping
sinewave · unity gain
gravity vortex...
sinewave · unity gain
fisk industries · eps and rarities
""" · """
on thursday
""""` · """"
last flight
"""" · """"
legions of green men · baqontraq
character of the moment
fascade 137db · link pins
loden · valeen hope
curve seven
solidaze · link pins
legions of green men · baqontraq
recoil · subhuman
melody day
caribou · andoora
caribou · melody day
cosmosis/ are you there
the dragons · BFI
cinematic orchestra · ma fleur
mista president
soul jazz orchestra · required listening two