Breakfast With The Browns Episode July 30, 2007

Broadcast on 30-Jul-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

lots of stuff... legions of green men, ambient, electronic, some jazz, sex with strangers, jean michel jarre (but no that track! sorry), and lawrence welk re-mix. Doesn't get much better... now I'm spent...

Track Listing:

legions of green men · baqontraq
track 1
cyber zen sound engine · auslander
in the mood for you
jean michel jarre · teo tea
everything under the sun
nostalgia 77 · everything under the sun
legions of green men · baqontraq
chjaracter of the moment
fascade at 137db · link pins
track 1
arc lab · the nineteen floors
nils petter molvaer · khmer
track 4
cyber zen sound engine · auslander
track 12
fascade at 137db · characters of the moment
the pharmacy
sex with strangers · a future tragedy
city saturate II
naw · city saturate
live forever lifestyle
sex wtih strangers · a future tragedy
curve seven
solidaze · link pins
my sword hands anger
apostles of hustle · required listening 2
at low frequcney
tarwater · animals and atoms
fishermans dub
leaf system · link pins
standing on the shoulders of giants
pete samples · yours makes mine
track 1
hammock · kenotik
track 1
tobias lilja · time is on my side
5 pm west bound (jirku)
naw · city saturate
look at the sky
ulrich schnauss · quicksands memeory ep
and that's the kind of day it's been
pete samples · yours makes mine
cornelius · sensuous sample
brand them at random
the electrobe · s/t
we saw orion
fisk industries · eps and rarities
electronico · lounge at the pavillion
bubbles in the wine
various · upstairs at larry's
my name is nobody
2raumwohnung · morricone remixed
CQ theme
various · CQ