Breakfast With The Browns Episode June 18, 2007

Broadcast on 18-Jun-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

sampled fare...
evergreen gamelon ensemble, the orb...
quadra, loop guru (new)...
ulrich schnauss, cinematic orchestra, loden...
minotaur shock, mathew dear...
choir practice, frog eyes, cocorosie
bon appetite

Track Listing:

solta o frango
bonde do role · with lasers
boris w/michio korihara · rainbow
got up this morning
sage francis w/buck 65 and julie holland · human the death dance
(antichrist television blues)
arcade fire · neon bible
no way out
immaculate machine · ones and zeros
c'mon sealegs
immaculate machine · fables
I don't want to be your ghost
meatdraw · s/t
meatdraw · s/t
deluxe deluxe
go ghetto tiger · s/t
everybody wants to rule the world
the bad plus · prog
set yourself on fire
montag/stars · do you trust your friends
Going Places
Montag · Going Places
don't wanna be/liked by you
julie doiron · woke myself up
the organ trail · wagon train ep