Breakfast With The Browns Episode May 21, 2007

Broadcast on 21-May-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

solidaze, naw, pete samples, young gods, sea and cake, high lamas, ballad of hank mccaine (zorn), tiki man (deadbolt)

Track Listing:

sustained viaduct ...
naw · city saturate
city saturate
naw · """
and that's the kind of day it is ...
peter samples · yours makes mine
"" · """
grid like
terminal sound system · compressor
another electronic musician · patience
lost touch (fascade 137db)
solidaze · pleasure from precision
another electronic musican · patience
naw · noise factory sampler 2
memory stain
solidaze · pleasure from precision
stay with us
young gods · super ready/ fragmente
young gods · heaven deconstruction
young gods · only heaven
summer eyes
young gods · tv sky
2 bit pie · 2 pie island
space maker
air · pocket symphony
venus/ another day
air · walkie talkie
left bank/
air · pocket symphony
up on crutches
sea and cake · everybody
the colony room
sea and cake · oui
the secret of...
kramer · tthe seceret of comedy
high llamas · can cladders
cut the dummy loose
high llamas · snowbug
ballad of hank mccaine
john zorn · ep
tiki man
deadbolt · tiki man