Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 30, 2007

Broadcast on 30-Apr-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

speaking of the 80's
a lisa gerrard (dead can dance) flashback...
with cocteau twins, creatures, glass, siouxsie and etc...
also new pete samples, quadra, cornelius etc

Track Listing:

live sound and image improv
various (f. frith, p. mettler · musicworks 97
various (rick sacks/evergreen ensemble) · musicworks 97
gamelon game
intermission audio lab · high commission
persian love song
lisa gerrard · the mirror pool
evening song (satyagraha)
philip glass · songs from the trilogy this world
djivan gasperyan · I will not be sad...
lisa gerrard · best of...
lisa gerrard · the mirror pool
the creatures · boomerang
cocteau twins · treasure
siouxsie and the banshees · peepshow
lisa gerrard · best of...
seen and not seen
talking heads · remain in light
of sand and stars
subtractive lad · no man's land
the sacrifice
lisa gerrard · best of...
century man
quadra · based on a true story
5 pm east bound
naw · city saturate
leaving home
last days · sea
rooftop campers
freeworm · vegetation = fuel
cornelius · sensuous
ok, do it fast
jean michel jarre · teo & tea
ene alantchi alnorem
various (girma hadgu) · ethiopiques 4
love someone
cinemascope · soundimension
as far as ends go
spanova · beautiful lifelines
standing on the shoulders...instrmtl
pete samples · yours make mine
life ist ok
liebe ist cool · 1
walk in the sky
bonobo · days to come
om nama shivaya
various (sonicjoy) · manoeuvres 1
preemptive dub
dubblestandart · are you experienced