Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 2, 2007

Broadcast on 02-Apr-2007

8:00am - 11:00am

intermission audio lab...stars of the lid...
all india radio...recyclone with soso...
besnard lakes...

Track Listing:

who would believe us
intermission audio lab · high commission
ananas symphonie
kraftwerk · ralf und florian
intermission audio lab · high commission
apreludes (in c sharp major)
stars of the lid · and their refinement of the decline
'84 pontiac dream
boards of canada · the campfire headphase
chris herbert · mezzotint
so much for no surprises
arc.lab · no.spectre
kammerflimmer kollektief · absencen
meditation 17
subtractive lad · no man's land
pray to the tv funk
all india radio · permanent evolutions
the gates of film city
future pilot aka/2 lone swordsmen · vs a galaxy of sound
another electronic musician · patience
your birds
last days · sea
if you're into second best
cinemascope · soundimension
Tim Hecker · Harmony in Ultraviolet
capital of daisy
susumu yokota · wonder waltz
for ruby
soso · birthday songs
gearbox therapy
recyclone/soso · stagnation and woe
compassion: continental drift mix
bombay dub orchestra · s.t.
air · pocket symphony
this is life
dubblestandart · heavy heavy monster dub
the besnard lakes · ...are the dark horse
keep the car running
the arcade fire · neon bible
get innocuous
lcd soundsystem · sounds of silver
days to come
bonobo · days to come