Breakfast With The Browns Episode November 6, 2006

Broadcast on 06-Nov-2006

8:00am - 11:00am

Heavy Rain Warning today...SUB flooded
Show features Pinocchio's "Desolation Theme", Rzewski's "Coming Together" and "Attica" and other Brown's fare...

Track Listing:

pinocchio medley
various (nordine,starr,alpert,frissell) · stay awake
coming together/attica
group 180 · reich, rzewski, szemzo
love is the drug (paris texas)
burger/ink · las vegas
the landlord is dead
do make say think · goodbye enemy airship
all worlds
the beans · 63:19
amb 7
pablo's eye · you love chinese food
Tim Hecker · Harmony in Ultraviolet
susumu yokota · sakura
joy chant
nybbl · the path from a point...
sofa surfers · n.a.
across the universe
laibach · let it be
life day
various (sinewave) · fear of a digital planet
loess · wind and water
squarepusher · hello everything
quench · caipruss
wizard of ahhhs
sinewave · unity gain
perfect vision
montag · alone, not alone
telefuzz · financiers of samsara
the dart
fascade @ 137 db · previously deleted scenes
calm down
psapp · tiger, my friend
various (spanova) · history is bunk pt 2
dark star
beck · the information
humdrum headspin
daedelus · throw a fit
guy dans un valiant
monsieur guy · i don't know what love is
valuable lives
noluckclub · prosperity
weather report
club des belugas · caviar at 3am