Breakfast With The Browns Episode October 16, 2006

Broadcast on 16-Oct-2006

8:00am - 11:00am

John Zorn's "Spillane" starts the show off...
for this drizzly Monday morning...

Track Listing:

john zorn · spillane
heartbreak hotel
various (lamee gold) · deutscher funk vol 2
morning dew
einsturzende neubauten · 5 auf der nach oben...
einsturzende neubauten · 1/2 mensch
funeral march
flanger · spirituals
various (kammerflimmer kollektief) · for film: edit 10
bandoneon acorazado
various (tangofusionclub) · for film: edit 10
flanger · spirituals
to begin with/
nybbl · the path from a point...
theme (pop song #3333)
kc accidental · anthems for the could have been pills
various (spanova) · history is bunk vol 2
one day that smile will save your life
nybbl · the path from a point
requiem for a fox
sandro perri · ...plays polmo polpo
casino vs japan
maramuri · remixes
zone 4
tetrezene · lake no 5
refried beams
sinewave · unity gain
tim hecker · harmony in ultraviolet
the orange peeler (peeling along)
sparrow orange · beauty of strangeness
humdrum headspin
daedelos · trim & fit
summer tunneling
various (aarktica) · little darla vol 24
venus in furs
various (klau,brown,peter principle) · fuck your dreams, this is heaven
telefuzz · the financiers of samsara
snow breaker
various (some water & sun) · history is bunk vol 1
dibidy dap
club des belugas · apricoo soul