Beats From The Basement Episode August 30, 2008

11:14am - 12:20pm

The first B-Roll mix, big up too One Day Later & Palms Out. Taking a one week break for Rock the Bells will be back for part two of the B-Roll mix.

Television the drug of the nation - Disposable Hero's of Hiphopricy
We Gotta Save April - TMNT II The Video Game
Ninja Rap II - Vanilla Ice
Groove is in the Dick - Hollertronix
Contort Yourself (August Darnell Remix)-James White & Blacks
Deele - Body Talk (1983)
Wynd Chymes - Baby Your the one
tex box - Move your Hips
U-Turn Feat. Cutcorners - Disco Sizzurp
Pistachio Ride - Neighbour
All I do (U-turn Disco Edit) - Stevie Wonder
Kraak an Smaak - Bobby & Whitney
Unkown DJ - Bass Tronic
Garys Gang - Lets Lovedance tonight Danny Krivit Re-edit
Send Him Back (Piloski Edit) - The Pointer Sisters
Rock On (Woodhead Word of mouth edit) - Toni Basil
Koxo - Step by step
Shock talk - U-Turn Disco mix
Damiano Diggerlili - BD
obryan - I am freaky
Groovy Now ( Mighty Mi MIx) - Friend and Lover
There was a time (Kenny dope remix) - James Brown
Girl You know its true (Tittsworth Remix) - Milli Vanilli
Can't give you up (Captain Crunk Remix) - Cryptonites
the extra ts - I like corn flakes
California Soul (Diplo Remix) - Marlena Shaw (For the caller)