BB's Disco Party Episode August 28, 2018

BB Previews VSBP + September Issue

3:03pm - 4:01pm

This episode pinballs between Victory Square Block Party and the upcoming issue of Discorder. BB plays music from bands performing at the outdoor festival at Victory Square on September 2, and some music from the September issue coming out next week! Oooooolala, all the previews. This episode features club sofa, YEP, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Primp and others.

Track Listing:

Bored Decor · The Colour Red
Boredom Is Beauty
Sorry Edith · Goodbye Frida
MySpace 2009
club sofa · n/a
cool 4 me
club sofa · n/a
YEP · demo
Friday Night Fur
Devours · Late Bloomer
honk honk
future star · i went home and all i got pt 3
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Illuminations
The War Racket
Buffy Sainte-Marie · Medicine Songs
Primp · Half-Bloom
Primp · Half-Bloom
Primp · Half-Bloom
Puttin' On
Mamarudegyal · MRG EP