BB's Disco Party Episode May 22, 2018

BB Doesn't Know How To Use The Phone

3:04pm - 4:02pm

For this inaugural episode of BB's Disco Party, BB shows some love for Jo Passed, who's playing an album release show at Red Gate's Hastings location Friday, May 25. Other music played — artists who were reviewed in the May issue of Discorder Magazine — include Holy Hum, Hello Blue Roses, Bridal Party and Winona Forever (who may or may not have just played a "Farewell Vancouver" show on April 20 at the Biltmore). BB also gracefully puts her foot in her mouth and demonstrates that she has no clue how to work the in-studio phone system. Welcome to BB's Disco Party!

Track Listing:

Jo Passed · Their Prime
Jo Passed · Their Prime
Millenial Trash Blues
Jo Passed · Their Prime
BB · demo
Head or Tails
Winona Forever · (single)
Bridal Party · Negative Space
Man of One of My Dreams
Bridal Party · Negative Space
Hello Blue Roses · Trade Winds
Pretty Penny
Hello Blue Roses · Trade Winds
Mock Orange Blossom
Hello Blue Roses · Trade Winds
Sun Breaking
Holy Hum · All Of My Bodies
Wallgrin · Bird/Alien