Aural Tentacles Episode January 20, 2017

Jan 20 2017 pre spring-hail to the chief, air force one, pledge of allegiance and more trump songs

12:02am - 3:27am

Jan 20 2017 pre spring-Hail to the chief, air force one, pledge of allegiance and more trump songs

Track Listing:

future states · casual listener
future states · casual listener
i'll do less
in drift · better days
wise in time
in drift · better days
diana · familiar touch
diana · familiar touch
we are the halluci nation
john trudell /northern voice · the great seal of the halluci nation
yaslin bey,nancy & black bear · the great seal...
the virus
saul williams & black bear · the great seal...
saul williams & black bear · the great seal
tanya taqaq · the great seal
i want it all
darcys · centrefold
darcys · centerfold
black diamonds
darcys · centerfold
lip service
darcys · centerfold
make america great again
pussy riot · digital
on trump & putin
nadya of pussy riot · digital
trump obsessed w/ daughters body
david pockman · digital
lets make america great again
the long winters · digital
little failure
moby & the void pacific choir · digital
old man trump
us elevater · digital
ballad of old man trump
new ash grove players · digital
i ain't got no home
bruce springsteen · digital
filthy friend
despierta · digital
natural born loser
radio inactive · digital
makin it great again
andrew st james · digital
trump makes me want to smoke crack
ledinsky · digital
agents of the fantastic
DT blues · digital
vote for me dummy
rogue wave · digital
i hung my head
bruce sprinsteen · digital
million dollar loan
death cab for cutie · digital
trumpy trump
cooties · digital
are these my jets
eluy · digital
the clown
ryan miller · digital
no guns
mirah · digital
before the wall
kyle craft · digital
fountain of youth
local natives · digital
if you're gonna build a wall
anthony damato · digital
exactly like you
greg holden · digital
what a beautiful morning
drunken logic · digital
i said yes · digital
trumps pilot
heidecker · digital
i ama cuck
heidecker · digital