Aural Tentacles Episode August 5, 2016

AUG 5 2016 summery songs + various spoken word

12:06am - 3:37am

AUG 5 2016 Summery songs plus some spoken word selections

Track Listing:

your pregnancy starts now
bizarr sex trio · careless use of knives
pop muzik devo rmx
M · digital
last of us
lumiere · ADSR vol 1
echo beach sushi club rmx
martha & the muffins · digital
i feel love
bronski beat & marc almond · digital
tainted love long version
soft cell · digital
tainted love 1964
gloria jones · digital
what have i seen
charles buckowski · english as a second language
miles ciletti · english
they came knocking...
wendy coleman · as a
s.w.a manifesto
chuck dukowski · second language
nite moves nico pusch rmx
bob seeger · digital
lower · ADSR vol 1
the chase trance rmx
georgio moreder · digital
kiss them for me kafhak rmx
siouxie & the banshees · digital
hong kong garden live '78
siouxie & the banshees · digital
mar vista man grows up
gary stewart · english
she didn't even pay...
alisa alvarez · as
old white women of vermont
dave alvin · a
goodbye pork pie cravat
richard meltzer · second
kim rosenfield · language
nite shift
dj reggae · digital
good thing i don't have any feelongs
future bible heroes · digital
magnetic fields · digital
the bewley bros.
replicants · digital
femme fatale
velvet underground · s/t
hey joe
patti smith · digital
gimme a break
eddie call · english
the prose
dennis cooper · as
michael c ford · a
unfurl the black flag
jack hampton · second
henry rollins · language
beach party post
ivan e roth · english as a
virginia ave
nancy lopez · second
east side story
therese coucrobias · language
trump vs negativeland · digital