Aural Tentacles Episode July 29, 2016

july 29 2016 ironic deaths/ska/ motorcycle songs

12:06am - 3:34am

july 29 2016 ironic deaths/ ska/ near fatal motorcycle crash + later in the show motorcycle songs from the 60's

Track Listing:

a message to you rudy
specials · 2 tone
24 hours a day
simpsons · yellow album
the prince
madness · 2 tone
zeno's law of high heeled shoes
jim carroll · pools of mercury
people do rock ateady
body snatchers · 2 tone
swinging cats · 2 tone
too much pressure
the selector · 2 tone
rat race
specials · 2 tone
mirror in the bathroom
english beat · 2 tone
2 much 2 young
special aka · 2 tone
save it for later
english beat · 2 tone
stella maris
einsturzende neubauten · s/t
die exposion
einsturzende neubauten · s/t
kiristen kontrol · x communicate
the mites
ace fraleys' child · dada
big money RMX
frontline assembly · monument
beiber beiberboogie
ace fraleys' child · dada
upside din
germinating seeds of dada · elastic
space hopper
bentley rhythum ace · elastic
banco de gaia · elastic
pan · elastic
not human
digitalis · elastic
kargyraa rap
ondar · back tuva future
tuva groove
ondar · tuva groove
motorcycle song
arlo guthrie · digital
vibraters · digital
primitives · digital
plastic zooms feat alina · digital
panheads 4ever
david allen coe · digital
harley davidson blues
canned heat · digital
the harley song
jay ewen · digital
devils lullaby
serif va adamlan · digital
motorcycle cowboy
merle haggard · digital
ride on sonny
johnny paycheck · digital
3 shades of black
hank williams III · digital
old # 7
the devil makes 3 · digital
beat the devils' tatoo
black rebel motorcycle club · digital
ghost riders in the sky
johnny cash/willie nelson · digital
hiway man
johnny cash · digital
hit the road jack
acid drinkers · digital
seasons of the witch
richard thompson · digital
hill billy rawhide
ramblin' primitive outlaws · digital
riders on the storm
dez parados · digital
riders on the storm mashup
snoop dogg/ doors · digital