Aural Tentacles Episode July 8, 2016

July 8 2016 a lot of songs about DJ TRUMP

12:03am - 3:43am

july 8 2016 a lot of songs about DJ (Donald J) TRUMP & how to order wine in a fancy restaurant.

Track Listing:

dandy warhols · perfect as cats
the upstairs room
veil veil vanish · perfect as cats
charlotte sometimes
wolfkin · perfect as cats
calexico · digital
ballad of cable hogue
calexico · digital
just like a woman
charlott gainsbourg and calexico · mr gainsbourg revisited
boomerang 2000
gonzales/feist & dani · mr gainsbourg revisited
boy toy
marc almond & trash palace · mr gainsbourg revisited
donald j trump · digital
ballad of melody nelson
placebo · mr gainsbourg revisited
jumping someone elses train
army navy · perfect as cats
grinding halt
muslims · perfect as cats
i love sadam husein
trump · digital
glass alphabet
justin wright · oh hi
i could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th ave...
trump · digital
automatic lover
vibraters · the hits
judy says knock you in the head
vibraters · the hits
sleepy eyes
trump · digital
amphetamine blues
vibraters · the hits
never actually there
wake island · oh hi
origin of birds
slight · oh hi
justin beiber sorry parody
trump · digital
stiches parody
trump · digital
lets impeach the president
neil young · living w/ war
trump van halen jump parody
??? · digital
looking for a leader
neil young · living w/ war
holding out for a hero
???? trump tribute montage · digital
the trumpinater
aryan wisdom · digital
making america great again
300 · digital
uptown trump
?? · digital
the donald
?? · digital
lets make america great again
trump theme song · digital
you're a mean one mr trump
?? · digital
roger & out
neil young · living w/ war
show us your penis
anti trump fans · digital
trump song
?? · digital
america the beautiful
neil young · living w/ war
after the garden
neil young · living w/ war
the God emporers chosen ones
emporer trump · digital
trump 4 america
brothers n arms · digital
do you wanna build a wall
donald trump · digital
the trump train
# trump train · digital
i'm a stupid f***in' moran
goo · acrustic age
the forward march
emporer donald trump · digital
big meanie
hugh phukousky · acrustic age
donald trump rmx
this train · digital
trump train can't stop
milet cyrus parody · digital
people all over the world join hands & start a trump train
?? · digital
f**k the fascist usa
john the baker · acrusticage
living w/ war
neil young · living w/ war
trump sings & dances
?? · digital
trump goes hard
?? · digital
shock & awe
neil young · living w/ war
my name's donnie trump
21 pilots · digital
neil young · living w/ war
flags of freedom
neil young · livingw/ war