Aural Tentacles Episode May 13, 2016

friday the 13th of may

12:03am - 3:08am

friday the 13th of may,- summery music- cars,beer,old quotes,animal farts

Track Listing:

gold frapp · @home @ sunset
no pressure
cirrus · @home @ sunset
easter song
man called adam · @home @sunset
liquid loop · critical bandwidth
my little afternoon crumpet
dj si unyil & aaron schubert · critical bandwidth
heil dub
cube · critical bandwidth
listen to your own
panurge · critiacl bandwidth
need you right now
trumpet thing · @home @sunset
the child
alex gopher · @home @ sunset
a loop in time
wally brill · @home @ sunset
panty christ · S/T
just whistle
st ettienne · places to visit
52 pilot
st ettienne · places to visit
we're in the city
st ettienne · places to visit
flip fantasia · hits/remixes
panda riot
our hour · lil darla v. 12
12 th commandment
khan · 1 800 get khan
precious heart
tall paul · @home @ sunset
by your side
miro · @home @sunset
body dump
khanW/ julee cruize · 1 800 get khan
hot love
t rex · acid house
night clubbing
iggy pop · train spotting
i still miss oyu
arab strap · acid house
underworld · beaucoup fish
shudder/king of snake
underworld · beaucoup fish
leave home
chemical brothers · acid house
el regalo de amor
dub tribe · acid house
bobby dazzler
sons of silence · acid house
claiming marilyn
death in vegas · acid house
toujour amour
dimitri from paris · acid house
china girl
iggy pop · digital