Aural Tentacles Episode February 12, 2016

all brand new songs + smell-o vision

12:03am - 2:32am

all brand new songs

Track Listing:

shark wasser
psychic pollution · tanz for dunklen seelen
origin plaet
psychic pollution · tanz for dunklen seelen
spiegett pin
psychic pollution · tanz for dunklen seelen
holy soul
cold air · the provider
painted fruits · s/t
ruby karinto · s/t
underground age
minataurs · weird waves
doing the right thing
daughter · not to disappear
calender nights
couleur dessin · fixture records
moving boxes
phern · fixture records
a perfect day
jeff barbara · fixture reords
chevelier avant garde · fixture records
14h 06
cresting · fixture records
tongue tied
each other · fixture records
strange hotel
callenburg · lost in the mail
in alpha zones
A A Wallace · previously
in alpha zones
a a wallace · success
in alpha zones
a a wallace · after these
in alpha zones
a a wallace · nothing
under friendly fire
husky rescue · long lost friend
hinds · leave me alone
makes the sugar sweeter
sleepwreck · disasterpiece
so far behind
kate mc levey · evergrown
road to nowhere
radical face · family tree
honey would you get that
bob · fixture records
roadside hox
c e shneider topical · fixture records
cold exchange
brave radar · fixture records
you told me not to
sheer agony · fixture records
george harrison cat
free love fenner · fixture records
fish n chips
moss lime · fixture records
you allright m8
alex zhang hungtai austin milne · fixture records
grandma mom jeans
mavo · fixture records
lantern · fixture records
nite sides · fixture records
n/a · n/a