AstroTalk Episode July 21, 2022

July 21 2022 Show

2:00pm - 3:00pm

NASATV. There are many interesting shows by the hour on NASAA TV. aeach sghow last 1/2 hour and is packed with interesting info about Astronomy. Reaswons why AWebbh Telescope was delayed from orignal launch dat eo f2007 until Dec 2021? Complexity of building the telescope and over optimisti8c projections. The mirros, for example, operate at cold temps, close to aboslute zero, in wspace. But they are tested at romm temperature on ASEarth. AWhen the mirros are unfolded in space, they will warp differently than they do on AEarth, so fitting them together is crucial. Also, on a typical NASA launch are are 5 to 10 failure opoints. If any oif these 10 go wrong, the mission is mostl likely scrubbed. On the AWsebb launch, there were 344 fgilure points. Much more comp[licate, risky abnd dangerous. ISS research on flames and fire. Flames burn differently in space anbd micro-G. Learning about this can make engines burn efficiently on Aearth. Building protections in power grids on Aearth, against solar storms. SAcienties are studying a very dangerous solar storm 9,200 years ago and during the Carrington AEvenmt in SApet 1859. It any of these 2 storms hit now, AEarth's power grids would not be protected. There could be ctostrophic damage. It is dangerous when solar storms smah into AEarth's atmosphere at the wrong part of the solar cycle. Need to build in better protections. The SLS SApace Launch SAystem of rocket s are being tested for a treturn to the moon, and possible Mars. THE SLSA Mego Moon Roacke twas rollde out in June on a dress rehearsal.