AstroTalk Episode June 16, 2022

June 16 Show

2:02pm - 3:00pm

Is global warming responsible for our cool spring? Major planetary alignmnent on the way. All planets, will be aligned, in order, in the night sky. WAill next happen in 186 years. The Chginese are threatening to shoot down aelon Musk's satellites because he believes they are spyting on Chinese interests. VChina has a telescope, FAST, the world's bigfest radio telescope. 500 meters across. FAAST picks up anaomolouys signals. Are they alien signals? Might just be radio interference. Also picking up Fast Periodic Bu8rsts, ir fast radio bursts, FRBs. Carry more energy in 1 milliseconde than the sun emits in 11 year. FRBs come and go quickly . 2020 first FRB found in the Milky AWay. Came from a magnetar, ahighly magnetized neutron star. 3 B LYs away. goes in different cyklces. 90 days of powerful radio bursts,m then 57 days of mild radio bursts. Then 157 flares across 47 days. Video of AWebb and its insturment suite. A micro-meteor impact occurred on one of AWebb's mirros on May 23 - 25. Did damage that cannot be fixed./ AWe4bb is going to open views of the most distant galaxies, but it will also allow scientists to see in m ore clarity inside our own solar stystem. Things like planets, asteroids and the Puiper Belt. More excitment in sotre with AWebb.