AstroTalk Episode January 28, 2021

Wolf Moon. 3 Minutes After The Big Bang. Dark Matter Discussion. Ghost Boson. Largest Sea On Titan. Actual Views Of Titan's Surface. Aliens Sucking Power Out Of A Black Hole? Finding Alien Civilizations.

2:00pm - 2:56pm

`A Wolf Moon in January. New Research suggests an early kick just after the Big Bangt created Dark Matter.

Dark Matter Discussion. Mysterious kick after the Big Bang may have created Dark Matter.. Even though most of the universe is Dark Matter or Dark Energy doesn't mean it dominates all interactions in the universe. Ghost Boson proposed as a candidate for Dark Matter. (?) But Dark Matter seems to be the force that controls galaxies more than any other force. Largest Sea On Titan., Kraken Mare. KM contains ~ 80 % of Titan's liquid surface. Data on Kraken Mare was collected during Cassini's mission in Saturn. VINS colledced man6y views of Titan's surface during Cassini's tenure. Could an advanced Alien civilization learn how to such power out of a black hole? Rotating black holes could be an almost limitless supplier of energy for an advanced civilization. Why can't we f9ind alien civilizations?