AstroTalk Episode January 14, 2021

Major Asteroid Stikes. Deflecting Killer Asteroids Away From Earth. Families of Asteroids. Asteroids Apophis and its 2029 Near Pass To Earth. Japanese Long Range Asteroid probe Hayubasha II begins Journey to Asteroid.

2:00pm - 2:59pm

A major asteroid strike could cause major damage on Earth. {lanetary Defense Agenda. NASA Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson was interviewed. He was asked what is the affect of the loss of the Arecibo observatory? Are: there are other telescopes that can compensate. Other questions asked of Johnson. Ways to Deflecting Killer Asteroids Away From Earth are discussed. Different families of asteroids are discussed. Catalouging near Earth asteroids like Apophiis. Apopis comes close to the Earth every 29 years. Japanese asteroid sampling probe begins it s mission to asteroid 9894943 2001CC21, Spacecraft will then continue on to rendezvous with another asteroid in 2031. Japanese just finished a mission to asteroid Ryugu. It delivered samples to Earth.,