AstroTalk Episode December 24, 2020

The Christmas Star. G2 Gas Cloud And Sgr A*. Also, SgrA* Is Closer To Us Than Previously Thought. The Solar System Is Also Moving Faster Than Previously Thought. 50 Million Light-Year Long Cosmic Web. review Of X-Rays.

2:00pm - 2:56pm

The Christmas Star is actually a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn as they line up in the sky every so often. The best alignments usually occur every 800 years, but they also conjoin during other time cycles. The planets will appear within 1/10 of a degree together in the sky. A gas cloud, G2, was identified as possibly being headed toward the Milky Way's black hole, but it instead missed being gobbled up. Also0 Sgr A* is closer to us than previously thought ESO's gravity instrument found that SGR A* is 2,000 light-years closer than thought. We are also moving around Sgr A * faster than previously thought. Our solar system is traellling 510,00 miles per hour, or 227 km/sec. This study is part of the VERA study. This branch of astronomy is known as Astrometry. Gargantuan chunks of cosmic web, 50 million light years long, has also been discovered. A cluster of galaxies, 33391/95A. sitting some 700 Million light-years from earth, the 3 galaxies are connected by enormous filaments, stretching some 50 million light-years across. Filaments are thought to contain an enormous amount of baryonic matter. 40 % of baryonic matter is thought to exist in galaxies, while 50 % is thought to exist in the filaments, between galaxy clusters. It has been extremely difficult to phot.ograph the filaments, because they are not very dense. A review of x-rays. Soft x-rays and long hard x-rays exist