AstroTalk Episode November 26, 2020

Moving Planets and Exo-Planets. Locating Brown Dwarfs, or Super Planets. Solar Power Statins in Space. Radio Telescope in Space.

2:02pm - 2:58pm

By studying exo-planet formation, this adds to the knowledge base of how planets form, and how they can move. Jupiter moved in its orbit a lot in the early solar system, and this had a profound effect on how our solar system and its planets formed. Super planet or brown dwarf? New theories are coming out about brown dwarfs. A brown dwarf, or planet, BDR J1750+3802, or Elegast, has been discovered by a radio telescope. The BD was not visioned previously. Solar power stations in space could be the answer to our energy/power needs on Earth. A new radio telescope in space is envisioned. This could also be placed on the moon. Millions of signals are detected in space from intelligent civilizations: the problem is, the intelligent civilization is us. Very few anamolous signals from supposed aliens have been detected. The search for extra-terrestrial signals are for techno-signatures. Some of these signals have been received by the Aricebo telescope, but, unfortunately, in the next week, the Aricebo telescope di4ed a slow but certain death.