AstroTalk Episode November 19, 2020

Mercury. Kraken Merger. Space X Launch to ISS with Baby Yoda. Top 10 Facts About the Milky Way.

1:59pm - 2:55pm

Mercury, like a few planets in our solar system, was not always in its present orbit. It is thought that Mercury was orbiting where Mars now orbits. Mercury then moved in toward the Sun, and stablized at its present orbit. The Kraken Merger may have been the biggest collision in Milky Way history. Many galaxies have grown to their present size because galaxies merge. So the Milky way has also eaten up other galaxies. The Kraken Merger in the Milky Way could help astronomers fill in some of the history of the Milky way. The merger probably took place 11 billion years ago. Other parts, or clusters, in the Milky Way can also be identified as originating from mergers from other galaxies into the Milky Way.10 facts about the Milky Way. History has been made with the launch of the Space X for taxi runs to the International Space Station, from Florida. A baby Yoda doll was on board.