AstroTalk Episode November 12, 2020

ESA Michael Frelick Sentinel Satellite Launch. Fast Radio Bursts From A Magnetar. 12 Strangest Galaxies in the Universe. Trojan Asteroid101429

2:01pm - 2:51pm

The European Space Agency's Sentinel 5 Michael Frelick weather/climate satellite was launched Nov 23. It will track seal level rise, which is due to global warming. Fast Radio bursts FRBs have been tracked from the Milky Way, for the first time. (30.00 light years away) SGR 1935+2154 provides the first evidence for the origins of FRBs. Scientists have some ideas about other objects tat might create FRBs, but they are not 100% sure. 12 strangest galaxies in the uiniverse. Contact has been re-established with Voyager II. With repairs ot DSS 43 in Canberra Australia, part of the Deep Space Network, contact was not possible for about 3 months because of repairs to DSS 43. An asteroid, 101429, is an trojan asteroid thought to have possibly come from the moon.