AstroTalk Episode October 22, 2020

Proton Gradient And Life. Entropy In The Universe. Why Are Galaxies Different Shapes? Elon Musk Testing And Launching Its Space-X Rockets. Zepo-Seconds. Eleven Fascinating Facts about The Milky Way. Interstellar Grease. Tracking Mergered Stars.. Fast Radi

2:03pm - 3:01pm

Entropy, order, disorder, and its meaning for life in the universe, and the eventual fate of the universe. When the universe first came into existence atoms, and light, did not exist. Galaxies come in different sizes, but also different shapes. The shape of a galaxy gives us a break down of the events in that galaxy's ultra-long life. There are 2 basic designations of a galaxy's shape, a disk, and an elliptical. Both the Milky Way and Andromeda are disks, formed from clouds of hydrogen gas. Ellipticals appear to be older and the movement of their stars appear to be more random. They are also thought to have formed from a galaxy merger. Galaxy mergers are thought to take millions or billions of years. The mergers that form irregular galaxies merging are thought to look like a big train wreck. There are also lenticular shaped galaxies. Elon Musk is testing his rockets to go to Mars. The window to go to Mars is every 26 months. Musk will launch on vehicle to Mars in 2024. Musk only plans to ferry humans and cargo to Mars. He does not want to build a settlement on Mars. A sepo-second is the shortest unit of time ever measured. A particle of light, a photon, produces waves. By measuring how long it takes for the waves of a photon to cross a hydorgen atom, a sepo-second can be measure. A zepo-second is 1.o x 10-20 of a second. Eleven fascinating facts about the Milky Way, Dirty grease, or aliphatic carbon compounds are interspersed thought out the Milky Way. The study of Fermi Bubbles, gamma ray emissions, and x-ray emissions, can tell about previous mergers of galaxies into the Milky Way. The Mily Way is also being bombarder by FRBs, Fast Radio Bursts, from other parts of the universe.