AstroTalk Episode December 12, 2019

UFO Reports Now Available in Canada. The Echos and Memories of Gravitational Waves. Particle X 17. Robot Hugs and Space Garbage.

2:13pm - 3:00pm

UFO Reports Now Available in Canada. The Universe remembers gravitational waves. G waves warp space time and leave their imprint. When G waves wash over you, they leave their imprint. This echo can be measured, or so scientists think. But gravity is a weak force so its hard to measure so multiple events of g waves must be combined in order to measure them. 2,000 combined waves are needed. A few scientists believe a new particle, X 17, will reveal a 5th force of nature. Scientists hope this particle can help define what dark matter is. Space is littered with space garbage. ESA is proposing a robot that will hug garbage in space, and then clear the garbage out. The 4 armed robot will drag itself and the garbage to be burned up in the Earth's atmosphere.