AstroTalk Episode November 28, 2019

Ice Fossil Gives Clues About Early Solar System. Voyager II Went Through A Violent Conflict Between the Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays. 18 Unsolved Particles in Physics. Are There Cracks in Space Time?

2:02pm - 3:00pm

ACFER 094 crashed in the Sahara desert in the 1990s. Voyager !! went through a violent battle between the solar wind and cosmic rays from interstellar space. Voyager ! couldn't measure through this area because of a senfor malfunction. V II went through the heliopause, the edge of our solar system. The helippause protects us from interstellar space. Temperatures in the heliopause reached temperatures of 31,000 degrees Celcius, double what scientists previously predicted. This suggests a far more violent clash between the solar wind and interstellar space. The heliopauses' thick walls protect us from interstellar space. There were also 2 holes in our side of the heliopause. The 18 biggest unsolved mysteries in Physics. Bubbles of cooler universe cooled in the beginning after the Big Bang.

V883 Orionis