AstroTalk Episode October 31, 2019

Gas Escapes Galaxies, Creates Stars. Glowing Galactic Goo. CGM --> Circum Galactic Medium. TOP 15 Weirdest Galaxies in Our Universe. Mars and Vader.Colliding Galaxies Form Piercing Eyes of Ghost Face.

2:02pm - 2:55pm

Interstellar Medium Intergalactic Medium. Winds are transporting gases between these mediums. Oxygen Ions are emitting gas in galaxies. GCM --> seeing for the first time how the CGM is being mixed. This is called cosmic goo, the stuff in between galaxies. Top 15 Weirdest Galaxies in our Universe. How NASA might bring home pieces of Mars in a Darth Vader. Colliding Galaxies form piercing eyes of ghost face.