AstroTalk Episode October 17, 2019

Computers and Viewing Black Holes. Why the Milky Way Is Getting So Gassy. Earth Like Planet. How the Universe Expands and How It Evolves.

2:03pm - 2:51pm

Computers and Viewing Black Holes and the Intracacies. Why is the MW getting so gassy? Star clusters are born together. The first planet orbiting a sun like star outside our solar system. Scientists believe we will not be able to get to other stars, and especially we will not be able to habitate them. Going to Mars or another planet? Is it possible. Steven Kane says we might be able to send people to Mars in the next 50 years. To Jupiter? Noooooooo. To other stars? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. How the universe stopped making sense.