AstroTalk Episode October 10, 2019

Telescopes, Space Probes and Satellites, NASA's great Successes. The Science Community and the Nobel. Empty Void Galaxy. Mega Merger of Galaxy SPT 2349-56. 12 Biggest Objects in the Universe.

2:07pm - 2:51pm

The Nobel was split between cosmology research to a Canadian and exoplanet research. The science community was upset about how the Nobel was awarded. Exoplanet research. Marcy and Butler research was finally awarded. A jet or trail of gas is arriving in our direction from the Magellanic Clouds. A large empty void is forming in space, far, far away, in Eridanus. Largest exoplanet, GQ LUPI B, has a radius 3.5 times that of Jupiter. UI SCUTI with a radius of 1,700 times that of the Sun. Largest Nebula Tarantula 1,800 LYs. or galaxy, IC 1101 weighing 200,000 more than the Milky Way. TON 618 Supermassive black hole, 66,000,000,000 Suns. Largest Fermi Bubble is 25,000 LYs tall. A large structure, a galactic cluster, is SPT 2349-56 weighing 10 trillion times the mass of the sun.