AstroTalk Episode August 15, 2019

50th Aniiversay Neil Armstrong Celebrates Birthday In Quarantine. Jupiter and its Effects on the Formation of the Inner Solar System. Conaminants on Space Missions.How NASA Will Protect Astronauts from Contaminants From Space Radiation at the Moon.

2:01pm - 2:56pm

No one know if astronauts would return from the Moon with contaminants, so Neil Armstrong was quarantined for 3 weeks after returning from the Moon. Titanium was found in higher proportion in moon rocks than on Earth. LRRRs or solar arrays left on the Moon by the Apollo astronauts. Jupiter marauds through the inner solar system, causing havoc, in its formative younger years. Saturn moves in, then pulls Jupiter out of its marauding in the inner solar system. Jupiter can also fling asteroids or comets on a path toward Earth, or, it can be a vacuum cleaner and suck up dangerous asteroids or comets that could eventually, or potentially, hit Earth. Contaminants on space mission. How NASA will protect astronauts from space radiation at the moon.