AstroTalk Episode May 30, 2019

50th Anniversary 1st Moon Walk Coming. Celebrations of 50th Anniv in U.S. Artemis Moon Program. Building Rockets for Space. Goddard. NICER Maps Light Echoes of Black Holes.

2:13pm - 2:54pm

50th Anniversary 1st moon walk Many exhibits and celebrations in US for the 50 th Anniv. Building rockets for space. NICER Mission Maps ‘Light Echoes’ of New Black Hole. A newky discovered black hole, MAXI J1820+070 (J1820), is consuming material from a companion star. Waves of X-rays formed “light echoes” that reflected off the swirling gas near the black hole and revealed changes in the environment’s size and shape. Building large rockets to launch to the Moon in the Artemis Moon Program.