AstroTalk Episode April 25, 2019

Expansion Rate of the Universe. Stephen Hawking Theories on the Universe. Universe Expanding Ever-Faster. Apollo 10 and Snoopy.

2:03pm - 3:00pm

Hubble shows that the expansion rate of the universe is increasing (accelerating?) A cosmic distance ladder is getting more accurate with this data. DASH. Drift and shift method used in the study. Apollo 10 in the spacecrafts Snoopy and Chral;ie Brown circled the moon to scout for the best landing sites of the Apollo 11 mission, when Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foor on the moon. NASA is using a new instrument, a flux radiometer, to make new measurerments of Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. the hope is to probe the heat engine driving the gas giants' atmospheric circulation.