AstroTalk Episode April 11, 2019

International Space Station Spinoffs

2:00pm - 2:55pm

Counting the Many Ways the Space Station Benefits Humankind. There are many spinoffs from research done on the ISS that benefit humans on Earth. Go to to find out more. These range from improved water filtration systems to medical advances that help patients with heart problems. Also, NASA is studying plants from space. The OCO-2 is a polar oribiting satelllite that studies carbon, CO2, oxygen and other gas signatures in the Arctic, from space. OCO-3, soon to be launched, will make its home on ISS, and will study carbon, and other gas signatures in the tropics. In the Arctic, CO2 & C is primarily buried in the ground, under ice sheets. In the tropics, OCO-3 will study leaves and plants.