AstroTalk Episode March 28, 2019

US Going Back to the Moon Within Five Years. Voyager II Reaches Interstellar Space. Giant Butterfly Forming In Nebula 1,400 light Years From Earth.

2:00pm - 2:56pm

VP Mike Pence announces US going back to the Moon within 5 years. The Moon is our Buddy. Yah!! Voyager II has reached Interstellar Space (IS). Four decades after launch, the 2 Voyager spacecraft have travelled farther into space than any spacecrafts in our history. Measurements were made just before the Voyagers left our solar system, and then just after they entered IS. The measurements confirm that both Voyagers have indeed entered IS. WD 40 and the Space Butterfly. A space butterfly has been detected in space by Hubble. WD 40 is a nebula, which is home to hundreds of baby stars. WD 40 shows an examples of how the dust that creates stars is destroyed by the very stars they make. The giant wings of the nebula are giant bubbles of gas that are blown out of the inside of the nebula, by the massive stars forming from within the nebula.