AstroTalk Episode March 21, 2019

Super Worm Vernal Equinox Moon. Hopping Water on the Moon.

2:03pm - 2:55pm

Worm Moon of Wednesday March 20. A type of super moon, a full moon,a super worm moon occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator. It will be closest to the Earth on its monthly orbit. Full moons tend to be named from earlier Aborigiinal tribes. The moon will rise due East while the Sun sets in the West, shine all night for 12 hours, then set in the West while the Sun rises in the East. The worm moon will be the smallest of 2019's super moons. water hops around on the moon. Knowledge of how water behaves on the moon will be important when we return to the moon in the next few years. The moon is a complex geological body, so more studying is needed.