AstroTalk Episode July 12, 2018

My Guest India. Neutrinos.. Fermi Observatory.

2:01pm - 3:00pm

My friend India from Los Angeles joined in for this show. Thanks for your perceptiveness on the topic, and your interesting inputs. Neutrinos have been detected emerging from a monster black hole. This would mark the first clear detection of cosmologically-distant neutrinos and the dawn of an observed association between energetic neutrinos and cosmic rays created by powerful jets emanating from blazing quasars (blazars). Once the Antarctican IceCube detector measured an energetic neutrino in 2017 September, many of humanity's premier observatories sprang into action to try to identify a counterpart in light. And they did. An erupting counterpart was pinpointed by high energy observatories including AGILE, Fermi, HAWC, H.E.S.S., INTEGRAL, MAGIC, NuSTAR, Swift, and VERITAS, which found that gamma-ray blazar TXS 0506+056 was in the right direction and with gamma-rays from a flare arriving nearly coincidental in time with the neutrino. Even though this and other position and time coincidences are statistically strong, astronomers will await other similar neutrino - blazar light associations to be absolutely sure. TESS continues testing before beginning first observations. Transit Exoplanet Survey Satellite TESS has reached its final science orbit, and testing is continuing to optimize TESS' operations.