AstroTalk Episode June 16, 2016

The Moons of Pluto

3:05pm - 3:40pm

Scientists now believe Pluto has 5 moons. Data sent back from the New Horizons flyby of Pluto on July 15, 2015 has now been analyzed, and a lot of pictures and data have been made available to us Earthlings on the moons Charon, Nix, Stix, Hydra and Kerberos. The most prominent theory regarding the formation of these moons is that they formed out of a debris cloud, that formed after an object impacted a young Pluto. The surfaces of Charon, Hydra and Nix show a strong signature of water-ice absorption. The surface of Pluto's largest moon, Charon, also was discovered to surprisingly have deep ridges and canyons. Yikes, how much excitement can we Earthlings absorb in 1 show!